What makes you think tomorrow you can succeed starting a diet?

Why did it not work last time?


When we decide we are going to start tomorrow we do it with today’s mindset. However, today’s perception is the hope that drives our feelings in making a change.


Today, when we decide to reboot our lifestyle, we are on a high wave of serotonin. Serotonin is the feel good chemical in your brain. What creates this wave are the foods that make quick energy production. Carbs are using the shortest pathway in our metabolism. They provide cheap and poor energy and it is the only pathway that is working in our artificial environment. I’ll talk about these factors in other articles. Our body is used to this resource to renew ATP (known as energy currency). This diet keeps us energized with the cost of hormonal imbalance and much more.


There are more efficient pathways that can be used for energy production. However, their importance is minimized due to our social environment. We override parts of our biology with social choices.


The hope that we can succeed tomorrow is encouraged by the rebound from previous metabolic stress. As cravings are paid off, serotonin levels stock up again and gives us the well-known quick fix. This sentiment comes with the guilt of failure and with the decision that we can do better at the next meal. We are trapped in a loop because the problem is not the type of macronutrient that we reduce. The macronutrients are fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Most of the diets today are reducing fats or carbohydrates resulting in a boost of protein intake.


Cutting out bread, pasta, potato, sugar depletes our stored glycogen in a matter of days. The brain receives signals that the ATP production is reducing and it’s planning to acquire by dropping the serotonin level. This is how cravings are kicking in to replenish the lost energy source. You must understand that the brain is a dictator and regulates the energy in the entire body and has the power to take the energy from other organs creating chaos just to keep itself alive.


The brain function has higher priority then other organs and comes with a horrible cost to the rest of the body. The decisions made are always for the present state without disregard for long-term ill effects. We have to ask ourselves what is broken and why we end up quitting. The decision is not an exogenous experience. That means the craving doesn’t come when someone walks by with a sweet temptation. The brain to forcing your hand in the process balancing your metabolic processes thus creating the temptation. This balance is called homeostasis.


Every person has different homeostasis given by the environment that is living in and by the way the brain perceives it. This is the big picture of all our interactions.

The synchronicity of the biological and social factors in our life is chiseling our health. As the social event has gained more importance, human biology got pushed away to the point of chronic disease. The first this that got affected was the timing.

That means we need to know the times of the meals and exercise according to our biology. This is an aspect that is taken very lightly today and with very little discussion. All the information that goes around is about the food content of a meal and the type of exercise to achieve a goal.


With only this information, we seem to hit a brick wall at one point in time. When you are fatigued and reached a weight plateau your trying to push harder on your diet an exercise adding supplements. Please understand that I’m not against diet, exercise or supplements. They are good tools to use but you don’t want to chisel your health with a jackhammer.


The takeaway:

The first step is to understand how a meal interacts with a body at a certain time of the day. This is the first step to balance your hormonal system and to keep that serotonin level up while making changes. We will be talking in future articles in more detail about each meal interaction and it’s timing. The same is for exercise.


I am not writing this to tell you what to do. Instead, to open a multitude of options that you can explore. These articles are for you to find the motivation naturally and with ease. Motivation is not coming from counting calories or laps. This blog is about finding the border of where our biology meets our social behavior.

Ask away.

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