Sometimes you need to get your BP lower for a medical test. Usually these kind of tests are in the morning when the blood pressure is higher. This happening because of the cortisol level. Cortisol is a hormone used for the flight or fight response together with the adrenaline (epinephrine). So being inside the medical facility in a new environment and maybe a bit afraid of the doctors and needles isn’t helping much.   You can do the following:

  1. Expose as much skin to the sun light. The UV light is helping to
  2. A breathing exercise will help oxygenate the blood and relax the tissues. Take deep a breath and exhale only a part of the air and repeat every two seconds for about minute and then relax. If you feel light headed stop.
  3. Drink good water if you are allowed by the test you will perform. Spring or filtered reverse osmosis (RO) water will replace the used one at cell level, increasing your energy production.
  4. Ten minutes of meditation. A type of mantic mediation would work best. Repeating a word and focusing on it will make the brain slow its function and energy consumption resulting in lower heart rate. This leaves more room for the autonomic nervous system to control the body.
  5. This technique is laid out by the Dr. Herbert Benson at Harvard Medical School explained in his book “The Relaxation Response” and it works by diminishing the effects of fight or flight response.
  6. Take a walk around the area. Some will thing this will increase the heart rate. It will temporarily but when it will calm down the BP will be lower. The muscles will require more oxygen and the blood will flow to the extremities of the body.

Signs of high blood pressure are of many causes. If removing the stressor does not help it’s better to see a cardiologist. Applying the above combined you’re your prescribed medication will help you on long term. Creating your relaxation moments combined with outdoor activities will make the big difference. The daily BP pill will never take the place of a sunrise seen without glasses or a big glass of spring water. This might sound strange for some but we are buried in an artificial environment that itself is the bigger stressor. Taking a break from it will give us time to recover.