How did we moved away from a seasonal life.

Why are seasons so important?

Why does a large part of the population has diabetes?

As our brain has evolved and we found ways to save food. At the beging it was similar like a squirrel stacking acorn or a dog hiding his bone.  We went beyond this and created agriculture and food conservation techniques.  After this step we have begining to trade the crops and food products. We can see that at this point we are already far away from the animal kindom and connected to an enviroment different than the one we were created. In the evolution of the social space we went further and extended to trading and later, altering crops and procces food. All to keep up with the demand.

Comparing humans to all species on this planet, constant access to diverse type of food changed drastically our enegy intake. We pay dearly because of it. I personally cannot find healthy people anymore. We still can see normal body composition in pre-teens. So we moved from the survival to the comfort of our species. We transition from a natural existance to a social one. Now we cannot go back, can we? No matter how hard the paleo community is trying, it is not good enough. Those are steps in the right direction but the guidance remains at the food intake and exercise level. Here I’m writing about factors beyond food and exrcise. Let’s tackle first the food side of the story. It’s availability is connected directly to our health. It may sound strange to you if I say that for example, fruit is detrimental to us in winter. If you look on the window in December there is nothing growing in the trees. And believe it or not our bodies are made to handle the lack of fruit intake. Infact our body is wondering how did we get an orange in the winter. We are genetically programmed to understand seasons and all the changes that comes with them. That orange creates confusion in the body at cell signaling level.

In the warm seasons when plants are growing we are ready to receive energy from carbohydrates (fructose/glucose) and at the opposite side mainly fats and more protein in the winter. This sesonal play in our diet is what keeps us healthy. Fructose and glucose comparing to fats are using different pathways to generate energy at cell level. Energy derived from vegetables is less “dense”. It has less impact and stress at our cell battery – the mithocondria. This leaves room for regeneration, repair or substitution of these “batteries”.

It would be great if we could stop at fruit (low fructose). Unfortunately we use derivatives of them with amazingly high concentrations like sugar an HFCS (high fructose corn syrup).Fructose in the winter creates a perpetual summer.Food affects greatly how our body understand seasons. We need some down time because genetically programmed to use winter foods to lower insulin levels and eliminate the resistance that the cells build against it. We call it now insulin resistance a pre-diabetic condition. In winter we need to avoid grains like bread and pasta, juices and very sweet fruit. Doing this for two to three months during the cold season or rainy season for Southern people helps to avoid the pre-diabetic condition that leads to diabetes.  For people with diabetes will improve the condition. Its wise to use sparingly high glycemic carbs also in the summer. Breads and sweets are not growing in the trees and they ramp up the insulin fast and for extended periods of time. If we look at the avarage blood and insulin levels in the population the numbers of pre-diabetic are staggering.

Take Away:

Sesonal food that is growing in your area is exactly what you need to stay healty. Going on a diet without understanding circadian and sesonal cycles renders it null after a while. The weight loss is temporary and also is your patience. Understanding when to have a low carb or a low fat diet is the key.

Many diet guru’s are providing just pieces of information but most of them don’t understand that we are a systemic being, an oragnism that lives through phases and expect them. The sum of these phases tells a life story that we need to live.

On the next seasonal blogs I’m going to bring in to play other important factors like temperature and light that dance togheter with food to create harmony.  For the ones on low carb diets this will be an eye opener in how to break your plateau.