Why food has become so important lately?

What food and light has in common?

Why we gain weight so fast when cheating on the diet?

How to balance your metabolism and get some control back?

Why dieting “forever” is bad for you?
I have started this series in first Seasonal Life post with the food and diet approach. Food is modulating our hormonal system and gut flora and with it the immune system. This means food is bringing information in to the body. Every bite is telling a story of our environment. Processed foods gives a skewed image of our environment, but will get to that a bit later. On my dietary journeys on low fat and then low carb I initially I could not understand why falling off from a diet has such quick side effects, like rapid weight gain. Keeping a diet did seemed unnatural to me. If you look around at the animal kingdom food is not coming as a choice. It’s coming as a new chapter in their life. In the summer 2013 I have taken the decision to try a very low carb diet (VLC). I hang on to it for 6 months to understand the implications. Once I have increased the carb intake and I’m not talking about grains, my weight gain started to ramp up. It was unstoppable even when I went back on VLC. I have taken the time to study as much as I could about it and I was not satisfied. For example Gary Taubes or David Ludwig books did not explain why food has so much impact. Not only the glucose and insulin levels changes but why we are not able to compensate on macronutrient changes on the long run. What is missing from the puzzle? We all want to see a diet or regimen work to keep our weight and wellbeing in check. If the diet would have solved the issue even with exercise added there would be no need for this post. Going back to see how food evolves to become our meal, I have noticed the interaction of light, water and temperature have the real impact. No matter what one believes these factors are shaping our lives. These are mentioned very sparingly in most diet books. If these factors are affecting our food, it will affect us the same way. A you see our food has stored information of our environment.


But if food is information, who is writing it? Who is putting it together? Many biologists will give complex answers but it really comes down to how energy is transferred from light to water. Photosynthesis is the best example of how light is creating energy. At the base every living thing needs light and wate. Why? Because these elements are on the first place in energy creation. This idea has been published first by Dr. Gerald Ling, PHD in the 60’s. He discovered that ATP creation from food does not account for the total energy needed by a cell. In fact it’s accounting for about 40%. Pointing fingers at the macronutrient ratio in report with glucose, insulin or cholesterol levels is futile in the front of the environmental mismatch.


We all use remotes controls for our TV. The process is similar in nature. In the remote LED two electrons are hitting each other to create a photon. The photon travels to your TV set and hits on the remote sensor a surface energizing an electron for a few nanoseconds creating a current with the frequency of the photon. In visible light we see frequencies as colors, our remotes uses infrared so we are not able to see the beam. Sun spectrum it’s so much richer than our remote and participates on a multitude of chemical reactions. Sunlight has light from far infrared (FIR) to ultraviolet(UV) up to X rays and Gamma rays. Our planet magnetic field and atmosphere repels most of the high part of the spectrum. This would be most of UV and almost completely X and Gamma rays. Life on earth thrived on this light spectrum and took measures to evolve around the spectrum changes that we have thought the seasons. All life on earth has a seasonal life and man does too. Our social behavior stopped this dance around the sun. That is why keeping a diet to make you healthier is just a part of the story. Food is a light story. In Seasonal Life 1, I explained why it is important to eat what is growing in your area. That is important especially in winter. If you live up north and have a banana in December the chemical composition of it will send signals that summer is here. That banana has stored photon information from a different solar spectrum that you are in. Photosynthesis that drives plant growth is based on light and it’s spectrum. We have different light from north to south and different plants growing. You can see how complicated the survival of our biological life became when is spinning around our social culture instead of the sun. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a hippie praying to the sun or Mother Nature. This are scientifically proven facts. So, in this moment we as population are dressed up in cloths, staying indoors and wearing sunglasses outside. In winter we heat up the house, the workplace and the car and go about eating carbs 365 days a year. Many of us are trying gym and exercise and wonder why we still get sick, overweight and with many allergies. And every time we go back and look at food. Eat this, don’t eat that, try this combination. I wonder how many nutritionists are aware of this. Probably a few that is hard to find.

Our evolution went so far that we lost our body hair to get more of that sunlight. Why? Our brain needs a lot of energy. It uses light to acquire it to modulate and transmit signals to our hormonal system. That is why we see so many hormonal issues. Many are blaming food. It has become food in the last decades because it became one of the last links to our natural environment. When you let food to dictate how our hormonal system is functioning we have a big issue. The mismatches are getting wider with processed food. These foods have ingredients that brought together creates confusion. Fats mixed with sugars are just the tip of the iceberg. This problem is not easy to fix by our medical institution and doctors in a void of solutions are moving patients from one specialist to another with the hope for a treatment. Our body as an organism is finding solutions to survive the abuse with the long-term negative results. Diabetes is clearly a seasonal mismatch and there is not much business to recognize it. Ask a doctor who gives carbs (low fat diet) with a rich fruit intake and metformin to treat diabetes why the issue is not solved? A winter simulation regimen might be a better choice. Something to look into. It’s a clear sign that we are treating medical (biological) issues with social interpretations of our environment. Any step closer to the natural environment keeps as on track for good health.

Matching the food we eat with the season we are in is the first way to take on a path to stay away from modern diseases. This is not my opinion; it’s the way we are designed based on research. Light is matching with the food available in nature and not in the market we have today. Think about it and look around to see what it might grow in your area. In winter options shrink and animal fats and protein are becoming the bedrock of the food pyramid. Seafood, fish and beef or pork are the main course.

Reading around the Paleo community sites I see lot of confusion and many questions in regards to seasonal eating. It is the bedrock of the Paleo life and it is inherited from the first mammals. These are evolutionary survival techniques fine-tuned to our environment, a light driven environment. Looking up for information on seasonal food you will get wrong information. Why? Many sites are showing bananas or tropical fruit in December/January. Food advise is based of availability worldwide and not regional. Also the advice to consume seasonal local food has other reasons like environmental and business protection. The information provided on those sites has nothing to do with our needs to stay healthy and survive as species. Seasonal life is what creates all the patterns we see with sleep, fat distribution and storage, insulin resistance and energy production at cellular level. We have to see food as life on earth grown by factors that affecting us too.

The take away:

A ketogenic type of diet is normal for the winter months. For people in the south where they don’t get snow they can get the use of a low carb diet because their sun spectrum is wider then up north. When winter is staring it’s time to recycle and get rid of insulin resistance. It is a lot easier to know what kind of lifestyle to adopt for a few months then a “forever” diet that nutritionist guru’s are preaching. We need to start making different association for food then we are used to.

Sun light spectrum is changing because of the axis tilt of the Earth. The light is traveling a longer distance through the atmosphere in winter and the high frequencies (purple, UV) are almost inexistent and IR is attenuated.

To keep it simple:

Summer – Sweet (low density food) – wide spectrum sunlight

Winter – Fat (high density food) – narrow spectrum sunlight


We can see the reverse proportionality between food energy and solar energy. How sun light is compensating will talk in the next blog post.


Our weight changes over a full cycle of seasons (year). The weight we gain or lose is exactly the counterintuitive from what our expectations are. That means in summer we eat “healthier” adding a bunch of veggies so we should thin out. The nature left a surprise in order to attain survival of our species. The Diabetes specialist doctors don’t even take this in consideration.

For a healthy person in the summer we would see a weight gain and a drop at the end of winter. This is the normal expectation from our body and if it does not happen and we are starting chronic disease pattern. Trying to lose weight in summer it’s a struggle and many reach a plateau. Fructose and carbs are available for storage purposes. We are fighting against ourselves trying to get healthier. This seasonal dance between fat and sugar is a part of our genetic makeup. This is a two and a half million years dance that we try to change in the few thousands. The last hundred put a toll on us when we created a perfect summer, that last forever in our altered environment.

Year after year without this cycle results in grave systemic complications and there’s no wonder why certain conditions are so complicated to treat. The body finds ways to overcome these issues by altering many pathways while inflammation rises and brain receptors are taken out. Losing signaling at brain level is the type of aging we see in people today. Wheelchairs and scooters are becoming normal for people in their 50s. There is no remedy other than understanding our real needs and finding ways to reach nature through our social jungle.


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