Is the newly discovered neuro transmitter FLP-7 a breakthrough for the a new pill?

In the chase of the brain – gut connection we are still digging in the unknown to find answers weight control. At the end of the road we should have a simple pill that will solve this problem. Basing it’s findings on serotonin pathways on a round worm called C. Elegans, doctors from Doris Neuroscience Center from California found a neuropeptide called FLP-7. It’s independent actions inside the serotonin pathways is triggering fat loss.  They also shown it’s independence from insulin factors and serotonin levels induced by food. It’s a promising finding that is pushing the knowledge a step further. Mass media tutted these days inflating the reality as usual. The possibility to bypass even more of our biology is reason to be happy these days. We should remember that loosing weight is not sinonim with health. This is what nutritionists made us believe. The are enough skinny people with diabetes, high blood pressure and Alzheimer. Accumulation of fat tissue is a side effect and not the culprit in metabolism. Now this is proven one more time with this discovery. The real follow up on would be to find how FLP-7 translates to human tachykinin signaling in the hipotalamus and which factors are down regulating it. What is not reaching our brain and what is preventing this neurotransmitter to be created. Some might be surprised that the food plays a small role. There are so many variables in our man made environment. The primary factors to look in to would be what is affecting the circadian cycle. The hypothalamus is directly affected by light signaling. Hormone are all over the place in this instance altering the meal times and in turn altering the gut – brain signaling. This is impeding also the autophagy (repair) processes at night. Another well known factor affecting the brain development and nerve repair is the EMF pollution. The more we have the random is the result of our metabolism. This is big clue on why we have so many new metabolic and psychological illnesses in the last 50 years with an rampant acceleration in the last 10.

Waiting for a cure on weight gain is no closer then a miracle. Our social environment entangles deeper and deeper with our biology affecting the mitochondrial DNA. The brain needs to take measures to overcome shortages upregulating or down regulating neurotransmitters. FLP-7 is one of them. In the light of this finding pharmaceutical companies might find a way to add this signaling polypeptide and make us skinny creating the appearances of health. Just like Cross Fit.

In the battle to regain health this is more of a fashion statement. In the battle of the scientists to find a cure it’s a good hint. Many looked at different details like gluten or probiotics but few looked from the brain to the gut. We hope the team who find this to continue and map the intricacy of our hypothalamus.

The Take Away:

We need to pay attention on the circadian and seasonal cycles and stress factors like blue light and EMF. Even if weight lose pils will be available they will not protect you from getting chronic disease.

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