Although the internet is filled with information but people I ask don’t have an ideea what is EMF and or how we interact with it. It doesnt Hage smell, taste or shape in the material world. It’s the way we communicate since the 1920’s. Is kown also as Electromagnetic radiation (EMR). I tend to use the word radiation lately. It has grater impact. Radiation sounds scary compared to “field”. The impact of you cell phone, WiFi router, DECT phone or electical power on our biology is left out again like many other agressors. This a completely silent one. Our blood contains a large amount of iron. So much that you can taste it. Imagine how it behaves under magnet fields. Our evolution has never encounter until 75 years ago such an amount of Electromagnetic polution. This is not affecting just us, humans but the entire life on the planet. Earths magnetic field and ionosphere protect all life on this planet from unwanted EMR. It is the main reason why Mars doesn’t have life although it has water. Under this shield Earth has its own resonance. Schumann resonance is what helped structured water to take shape for life. This is the real primordial soup that Drs. Becker, Ling and Pollack discovered and not fermentation as it was believed. We are here because of this light, water and EMF balance. We are a complete third greneration in this enviroment and we can see osteoporosis people in their thirties. Tests conducted and approved for communications, broadcasting and power distribution are made to meet the technology capabilities to produce a business. Long term exposure to anything ┬áis taken lightly and imediately placed under “we need more testing” label.

If you don’t feel well on daily basis, you are young and have issues with bone density look around. You might be surrounded with antennas or high voltage power lines. Our body is affected especially at night when at rest is rebuilding and repairing cell structure. Watch this documentary. It will take on a backdoor of our social life. Man made EMF together with artificial lighting and not food are taking the first places in chronic disease.

Watch this and see how you can protect yourself and your family. A quality documentary on the road for our health.