How do we really tell time?

Artificial light health effects.

Understanding the implications of living indoors and the differences in light.

A few ideas to bend our social ways to favor our health.

Our watch on the wrist is telling us the time but unfortunately is not able to convey this information to our body. We have found this trick to tell the time precisely and we are convinced it’s enough. I was sure for a while that being focused on different tasks will make the day fly. Convinced that time is linked only by perception of our social interactions I left the subject alone for a while. A question was always in my mind.

Why time feels slower when it’s spent outdoors? I always seems to me that I can accomplish more and the day is longer when I’m outside. It’s like I was felling every fraction of every second passing through my being. Over a year ago I stopped wearing any time piece on my hand. Just curious what bends my perception and if I can tell the time on my own.

First I found out that I really need to rely on the time piece to tell the time. I was so dependent on it. There was nothing else but the devices to tell me the time. I must admit I sneaked peaks which seemed to fixed it but nothing else was helping while I was indoors. I played a game to see if i can predict the time before i looked at the phone. I was off when I had no sunlight exposure in the morning and I seemed to be off the entire day because of it. Time seemed frozen, the perception is of a repeated second.  I found myself staying later and later in the night to have the feeling that I can achieve something. I did this while not having any morning or afternoon sun exposure. If you are busy enough you can even forget there is a world out there. I remember a colleague saying once the sun is evil, when I mentioned that would be nice to be out. Sometimes I wonder if the smokers are more in tune with the circadian cycle. They are going outside quite often and their eyes are receiving the change in solar spectrum and as the day goes by. Smoking is an addiction. Why is this important here? There is nothing to push you to go outside. The indoor lighting is not changing. There are no biological markers in our man made artificial lighting and our attention is stolen by our tasks and deadlines. The implications are staggering having a mismatched circadian cycle. Our entire biology revolves around this cycle.

Chemical processes leading to hormonal discharge are based on light signaling. Nutritionists are not willing to explain this perspective. This side of the story is left out in favor of what food triggers. Food became a total enemy or an amazing friend. Everyone has an opinion on it because is physical. You can touch it so you can influence it. In the opposite way is happening with light and us. It’s touching us and it’s influencing us and this is scary. It’s easy to look away if one can’t understand or control. The good old “we need more research” is the end line to all our latest discoveries. Its an aimless suggestion to kick the can down the road. Phototherapy is left as an alternative option, more like unconventional medicine. Many doctors are trying to fix hormonal issues, sleep apnea disregarding the light signaling. I could not find anybody to tell me if their physician asked them where they spending their day and what are the options to have a break outside.

All of this is left at out choice. Also is a discussion to bring to your doctor but at the end of the day think of a an plan to get in touch with sunlight. A plan to have breaks from work somewhere outdoors would improve in time your hormonal patterns and immediately lower your blood pressure and stress. Being stuck inside makes every little thing more important hence the work drama. This is because of low dopamine. The eyes exposed to small amounts of UV light triggers dopamine creation. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that promotes well being and the right amount is keeping us mentally balanced.  Unfortunately UV light doesn’t go through the glass and we have a huge amount of blue creating depression. Now is known that we compensate with food the lack of dopamine in the eyes . Less light more food is needed. Take lightly those advices on how to restrict food. Many think having big windows solves the problem. It does if they are open. It helps with daylight color temperature perception but stepping out in the sunlight for a few minutes and looking at the sky, light triggers a cascade of processes in the brain that synchronize the timing of hormones and metabolic pathways. As you can see the answer for a good health doesn’t lay only in food content. Eat this or eat that is just another commercial for a product doesn’t matter what the product is. There are no gains in teaching people how to alter social believes and traditional education to favor biology. We need to know first that nature is a dictatorship and many species that clash with their environment vanished. We don’t have the knowledge to replicate nature and this shows us how little we know about it. Better to say we understand parts of it. Quantum Biology is a new science that will drive us further and faster to adapt to our new technological life. It’s the hope that we can find ways to adapt our fast pace social culture to our slow biological evolution. The trends shown in epigenetic development are showing that we are on the down slope of our evolution. The first step is to go out, take your glasses off if you have ones, roll down you car window and embrace the daylight in the morning.

A vacation a year is not nearly enough. That’s why we see people on the beach with sunglasses and dressed up so they won’t burn. They can’t take the natural light anymore. We are taught that we are different than all life on earth when in fact we have the same type of cells. We are a part of the eukaryotic kingdom. An eukaryotic cell is in high demand of light to function properly no matter ones believes. We made it thought over a hundred years of artificial lighting and the outcome is looking dark.