Why natural UV light is not dangerous?

How can you use it to your advantage?

Why the most active part of the sunlight is UV?

Common knowledge that UV light is dangerous  this comes from a couple of studies. One of them (WT. Ham et. al, 1982) kept monkeys eye lids open with clamps while having the pupils dilated under a 2500 W xenon lamp for sixteen minutes. This cruel experiment produced a small retinal damage, which should be expected under such conditions. Under natural light the pupils and eyelids together with an amount of tear production will protect the eye from overexposure. This kind of scientists are willing to prove anything they are told to prove even if it means bringing a level of exposure to extremes. Cataracts are another scary thought implanted in our brain and associated with UV light.  Cataracts are caused by other many issues like consistent high blood glucose, high insulin level, low DHA omega 3 and blue light exposure from artificial light. Now we can link our digital display screens to the need of wearing sunglasses. Which, by the way, is a billion dollar business lately. We can now link the increased screen time with eye elongation and pupil latency and our sensitivity to sun light.


The eye malfunction doesn’t stop here. The next step is myopia. Recent studies shows we have an epidemic of myopia. Let’s dive in to more facts that will convince you to drop the sunglasses and walk outside like any being on the face of the earth.

Anything that reflects the UV part of the light that is reaching the earth surface is giving us a great deal of issues. Our atmosphere and especially the ionosphere is leaving the right dosage of radiation to reach the us. Going to the humanly made experiments Dr. John Ott discovered thought a series of microphotographs that cells from pigment epithelium  previously believed as lifelong cells (non-dividing cells) do start to divide if low levels of UV reach them. This are the retinal cells that we use for our vision like rods and cones. There is no retinal regeneration if tare are glasses o contacts over the eyes.. You need to get your eyes used with the bright sun light and slowly get adapted for what we have been created. Is it very interesting for me to see that my friends that I have told them reach for their sun glasses and puts them slowly in the pocket. There are solutions for wear glasses and contacts that let UV light in but the spectrum will be shorter. UVB will mostly not go through these eyewear so we are in need for naked eye daylight exposure.

Here are  few ideas to get closed to the natural environment that we supposed to live in:


  1. Spend at least one hour outdoors to get sunlight. It is best if it can be done in segments throughout the day. UV light doesn’t go through glass so behind a window you will not get the full spectrum. Even if you can’t take the sunlight completely at first, stay in the shade at the beginning and gradually get to the bright light. For this to work, a minimal amounts of UV light should reach the eye and the skin.
  2. Sunglasses should be left aside. Blinking often to moisturize the eyes will help at the beginning when bright light seems unbearable. Try to remove the sunglasses gradually to get adapted. The slower the adaptation, the more issues there are with your eye and brain levels. These are issues fixed only by sunlight.
  3. Vision glasses can be put away for this hour to allow the full spectrum to reach the retina. This will increase the dopamine level inside the eye and chase away the so common drama cause by the mild depression. Try to find UV transmitting lenses. Not easy these days to find as all the industries are trying to shield us from that evil sun. You might get a weird look from the eye care specialist but hey, they need to experience educated clients.
  4. Contact lenses are blocking the UV part of the light-spectrum. All the manufactures are working hard to meet the ANSI Z80.20 Standard and keep us away from that vicious sun. It appears to them that nature didn’t work hard enough to protects us in two and a half millions year since we are on earth. They leave to enter the eye between 0.24% and 10% UVB depending on the brand. Natural UVB is difficult to capture anyways. It goes away in the shade and with just a bit of overcast. Cosmetic contact lenses are shifting the color spectrum and this situation is not studied at all by the manufacturers. Wearing any type of eye wear leads to light sensitivity and increase in myopia. Your eye doctor advise is that you come back every year to check the diopter but they cannot explain why is increasing all the time. Well, they do with an ironic phrase blaming the age.
  5. Keep the windows open if you have fresh air and let the sun in. Pathogen bacteria doesn’t like UV light and it’s a good way to keep your house clean without using chemicals. Also we can use quartz glass for windows or plexiglass that is UV transmitting.
  6. Sunscreen lotion is skewing the sun spectrum leaving a huge amount of blue light to be absorbed by the in the skin while cutting off the UV. Blue light enters deeper and it is studied now to see if that is a reason for melanoma. The UV light stimulates the production of melanin that gives us a darker tan. This acts as a natural sunscreen. We need to work to build this shield in order to have that day on the beach. Instant gratification comes with a high cost and the skin cannot transfer the huge amount of photonic energy as it’s not prepared. This energy has to partly be reflected and the rest drained quickly from the skin. This explains the red skin;  the blood rushes to the capillaries and absorbs the kinetic energy of the light photons and transduce it in electrons. The faster is the transfer the less burns we get. It’s a balance between the reflection and absorption. As we live in artificial light covered by clothing both of these factors are not enabled. We get that week of vacation and run to the beach basically to get fried.

We need to remember the sunlight is reaching the Earth filtered and perfectly in tune with life on earth. We go about and buy special light bulbs for our reptilian pets or fish but we stay inside at home and at work in a poorly made flickering light. There are many things wrong with science today but this one hits us right at the foundation of our health. Why? Because light fixes us at quantum level avoiding the clutter found at chemical level. This is deeper than any approach based on pills taken by the medical institution. It’s almost like rubbing somebody else shoulders for your headache. Diet and exercise fades away in front of a poor light exposure and have very little or just a temporary beneficial effect on us. Have you reached a plateau in your weight loss plan? You don’t feel like exercising? Take a look outside, you should be out there.


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