There was never always about a spoken language barrier. In fact, it’s is something more grave led by egotistical views and immutable conceptions. One discovery after another and we are all amazed of what human kind has achieved though science. Most of this discoveries are left in their own bubble. While there is no translation to another discipline that scientists can find information to relate to it. We don’t have a good general systemic medicine and we also don’t have a good integrator in science. The big gap between physics and biology is still there. Most research is still at the chemistry level denying the underling effect of physics. It’s very much like trying to fix a phone app when your phone is broken. The outcome is a lengthy list of medicine produced by the pharmaceutical companies trying to fix a variable and disrupting many others. Many say it’s the business and its profitable this way. Yes it is, but it can also be profitable in other ways. Hanging on to the same system of treatment shows the corruption of the one who are deciding where the money go for testing and trials. Scientists quick pick the most mainstream cases and they make sure the results are within the demands. This narrows down the quest to trivial venues.

There are many discoveries left in the bubble that need to be linked to the health science, medicine and biology. Meanwhile we are all standing frozen in time at the same diet and exercise foundation. Foundation trapped in the advances of chemistry alone. The time is closing in on our capability to produce healthy offspring and to keep the population healthy. The later one is already a mass failure hidden under media fabricated personal guilt and new trends in diet shown in beautiful pictures of little portions of food. It keeps ringing in my ears the line “ you need to change your life style” and people are changing it over and over until they don’t know what to do and fall in the arm of ignorance. At this stage is where the pill wins. “I have tried everything” I am told and “nothing works”. Notions as weight plateau and adrenal fatigue are in a in popular trend showing the path for an old age of pain and disgrace.

Who can explain life beyond chemical and mechanistically approach? A hope to bring things together is the Quantum biology. A marriage between quantum physics and biology as science. In nature one cannot exist without the other. Even if the quantum physics has be around since the 1920s, this approach in biology is still considered taboo. When someone is talking about this, they are often treated as a voo-doo priest. It takes a 180 degree turn from the actual paradigm to embrace what created life. Food and exercise did not create life. Instead, it is an addition for sustainability in an man made environment. However, these two give no structure for a living organism to be healthy are just an input and output in our organism. This is why the fight against obesity and diabetes is never ending.

To seek health, one needs to bridge the language barrier to which life was created: Light, water and magnetism. Parameters that we need to study and link to arrive at conclusions for our health and well-being. Food has been trapped in the middle and viewed as the culprit in disease keeping public attention away from the real cause, the great disconnect with the nature.


The takeaway:

Biology and chemistry work through the laws of Quantum physics

Watch the sunrise to balance your hormonal chemistry and synchronize your biological clock.

Drink plenty of spring water

Natural magnetic oscillations of our cells are affected by EMF. Put away your phone and turn off the Wi-Fi in the house when you sleep.

Then, look into a diet for the season you are in and an exercise program that increases your strength.