Why banana is the forbidden fruit in a low carb diet?

This has always been the prime example of fruit taken out in a low carb diet. The consensus is that it spikes insulin up with its starch and this is the end of the story.
Many people enjoy this fruit and gives pleasure in increasing serotonin levels. Eating a banana surpasses in bioavailability that bottle of low carb shake from the store rack.
It’s a part of a living organism with the complexity to nourish. How it can get in the way of our heath is the part that mostly brought up but discussed for the work reason in
most of the low carb diet books.

Here are a few aspects not widely discussed:
It’s important to consume banana in the morning because the starch will be used by muscles and organs. The process of gluconeogenesis (glucose creation) in the liver is set to output glucose to the system and lipogenesis (fat creation) is off. This means the starch will not be stored and eventually transform in fatty tissue as explained in the low carb literature.
Seasonal eating of fruit is once again key in here. Banana is linked to the long lighting cycles and wide light sun spectrum that warm season is providing. Food brings information to our hormonal system and the brain will dictate accordingly upregulating the basal insulin. This summer time hormonal makeup kept over years leads to the pre-diabetes and premature arthritis in the mid-30s as see in the population.
So we see the “banana” caught in two big cycles, the daily one and the yearly one. Time takes priority over food as a defining law in nature. Our health comes is a wisely time created loop and our body is attuned to it. There is how our genetics are coded for and not to the store shelf were you can find that mighty delicious banana all year round.