I like to see myself as a composed and balanced person. Aren’t we all? Certainly with a dash of fun so life is not boring. “Balanced” is a word of many issues when is attached to our biology. We have seen how “paleo” guru Bob Harper could not get away from his hard attack. Was that an imbalance caused by the action to became balanced?

A balanced diet means more than food balance. The nutritionists are only looking on balancing the macro nutrients (Fats vs. protein vs. carbs). It is a dangerously narrow view on rather complicated nutritional set of actions developed by nature itself. Dr. Jack Kruse says that life is a fight and balance is death. It is a very sharp affirmation, but it is true taken from the electrodynamics of our metabolism. A diet should also be a fight. An aspect forgotten because of our social advantages. A true diet is a reflection of our environment and not subject to some ideas of how things should be. Examples that a diet works on certain subjects is not something that should be followed without having first a concept on how nutrition functions in nature. That’s why the outcome is different from one person to another. Nature does not play at the macro level. It goes deeper than chemistry to the atomic level coordinating the electrons and protons coming in from all directions, not only food. This are the new sciences of today; Quantum Biology and Biophotonics. Many doctors, professors and their students are working at this level to understand the interactions of life with nature. A charge balance at this level is sustained not even a micro-second. So do we want balance or harmony? The later is the key for a “balanced” diet program. So how do we go about having such a program in place. The first step is to look at the time. This alone can create the biggest issues. The time for the meal dictates how information is running in the body through hormonal signaling. When to eat fat or carbs is a matter of time. There are two clocks running our metabolism. These two clock are also affecting our genetic make-up at cellular and mitochondrial level. The science here is Chronobiology. One big clock is the seasonal one with a full rotation per year and the small clock also called the circadian cycle. It is not too difficult to synchronize with these clocks. Big clock = eat seasonal foods and the small clock = do not eat at night. How is this for a balance? Starting from here we can apply different diets for different times creating variety. This is a key factor as consistency creates imbalance when it comes to nature. Switching diets with seasons together with different fasting techniques is the true variety that nature embedded in our biology. Balance in food is a time based harmony.