Not long ago I was under the impression that we know everything there is to know about water. It seems the water has always been a surprise for the scientists. Many gave up not understanding the water behavior as a whole. As we are mostly made of water one would think that placing a high importance on expensive studies would be the way to find answers for health. The studies on “bodies of water” are just a handful; with results that shake our concept on how water works. These studies open a new realm on how we see water as transport for life energy. The simple water is truly a complex chemical when viewed from the perspective of molecule – energy interaction. It’s telling us a deeper story about metabolism than food can ever achieve. Water study has been placed in shadows from public attention after the Russian “Poly-water” scandal from the ’70s. Not many scientists came out until recent years explaining water related phenomena. Who did write over time about water behavior got ridiculed, and their results were defined as magic acts.

Dr. Gerald Pollack from the University of Washington stood up against the tide. His research is thorough and is laid out in his latest book “The Fourth Phase of Water”. This book relates the unexplained interaction of water molecules with themselves and their environment. Starting from why trees don’t freeze in the winter, or why wet sand clumps together and then driving us to a connection between hydration and arterial plaque, throwing another wrench in the cholesterol theory of the mainstream medicine. An array of events that looked impossible to describe by many scientists are beautifully laid out in his book. The important factor that surfaced is that all living things depend on water behavior. Or, should we be saying it’s the other way around? We behave like water because it’s an intrinsic part of us. If you haven’t read it yet, you can watch some ideas in this clip. The results of his studies are coming with a new set of questions regarding our health. Hydration for us has earned a new perspective. Just drinking a lot of water seems not to cover this aspect anymore. Our social landscape changed so much in such a way that it has become difficult to stay hydrated inside the cells.

We know very well about the polluted water with heavy metals and other solvents, and the removal of them through filtration. But, we need seek more information in order to find out why just purifying water is not enough. We need a different approach to bring back the qualities of our potable and bottled water. Water with altered attributes is the one missing a spring vortex, has low PH, or missing IR light exposure from the sun. Recently has been discovered that a high concentration of deuterium (a heavier hydrogen isotope) takes our health on a completely different track. We should look in this first before jabbering all day long about food.

Water along hydrophilic (water loving) surfaces is separating itself forming an electrical charge similar to a battery. Thinking of our daily needs we know that we can survives months with little to no food but when we look at water consumption, we are measuring in days to our demise. Only from this, water shows its importance in our metabolism. All the nutritionists can talk hours about food and only seconds about water. We have low calorie, low carb, paleo, primal, vegan, vegetarian, ketogenic but at the end of the conversation explaining all of these nicely crafted diets, water is silenced just after a phrase… “Have more of it”, the standard reminder of eight glasses a day.

Recently everybody is looking at RO (reverse osmosis) bottled water as being a godsend. It is a step up to from the tap water in regards to pollutants and add-on chemicals like chlorine and fluoride. First thing that is lacking is the motion, while it sits in the bottle. Water needs to move and the result of the friction with the bedrock, vortexes are created separating electrically the water molecules. This separation is introducing oxygen and gives water the charge that our cells are looking for. We call this the battery effect of the water, hence the priority before food.
Knowing this, we have to view water as the real fuel for life, a medium where all the other functions of our body relies on for transport and communication. Any entity lacking logistics is in peril.

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