One early morning while cutting though the florescent light of a lab waiting room I couldn’t help hearing a heated discussion on blood pressure and how narrow is the view of the medical system if this parameter goes a little bit over. It is shocking that somebody can lose their job over it. The narrow options given to the doctors are only leading to a lifetime treatment. The old “start to exercise” advice is lingering as the last hope of a holistic approach to an unknowing issue. The only option for the western medicine to treat this effect was to move it as a disease. And that’s the way the “cookie crumbles” since then. Many control studies have been crafted to prove the obvious. High BP is not only linked to heart disease but is the cause of it. This fact has become an immutable piece of knowledge just because it’s easy. High BP is a detail in a picture of your health and if you have it then you need to look deeper on why is it happening. Pick the brain of different specialist to build this picture of you. There is nobody there to do it for you besides you in search for your health. What I do in this blog is to hint and open a new pathway in your quest for health. There are few things you can try to fell off the scope of a certain BP treatment. It takes some tine but the results will come for those who are willing to engage in changing their story on health. Let’s enumerate:

1. Expose as much skin to the sun light. The sunlight is helping to make NO (nitrite oxide) in the skin. This chemical is relaxing the capillaries by increasing the diameter.

2. A breathing exercise will help oxygenate the blood and relax the tissues. Take deep a breath and exhale only a part of the air and repeat every two seconds for about minute and then relax. If you feel light headed you need to stop. Breathing exercises are good to be done when sitting down anyway.

3. Drink good water if you are allowed by the test you will perform. Spring or mineral water will improve the hemodynamics of your blood. Together with NO explained above make a great couple maintaining you arteries clean.

4. Ten minutes of meditation. A type of mantic mediation would work best. Repeating a word and focusing on it will make the brain slow its function and energy consumption resulting in lower heart rate. This leaves more room for the autonomic nervous system to control the body. This technique is laid out by the Dr. Herbert Benson at Harvard Medical School explained in his book “The Relaxation Response” and it works by diminishing the effects of fight or flight response.

5. Take a walk around the area. Some will thing this will increase the heart rate. It will temporarily but when it will calm down the BP will be lower. The muscles will require more oxygen and the blood will flow to the extremities of the body.

It’s advisable to start by checking your kidney function as they are the first one to get subdued in the metabolic imbalance. Finding the stressor is not just the end game but the only piece of valuable information of what has happened to your body, as an organism.