In the last couple of weeks I’ve been having a few meetings a day mostly on scheduling and development. One meeting stood out from the pack. The speaker was very enthusiastic that a large number of high density Wi-Fi hot spots will be available soon to improve the coverage. The plan is to have a hot spot in every room or office. I was thinking if I should intervene or not, to expose a few of the health issues that arise with such decision. I wasn’t sure if that was the right moment or if I would have an audience to talk about radiation safety. Awareness should be served cold and I went ahead. Just by saying the word “radiation” made the room quiet. I could not believe it, I was hearing crickets. Nobody had a clue on this subject. those “tech people” know what are they doing, right? No, they really don’t measure. The industry is based on standards and that’s it. It’s all served. The users want speed and coverage and the tech industry provides. Your neighbor can install ten Wi-Fi routers and nobody will say a thing.

Electromagnetic radiation doesn’t smell, taste or has a shape in the material world. It made our communication easy since 1920’s. The impact of you cell phone, Wi-Fi router, DECT phone or electrical power on our biology is left to the authorities to decide. There are caution signs of every device just to make sure they are covered. You probably have enough devices to make a poster from the radiation caution signs. All these devices working together in our home or office gain enough power to drive our health. Blood contains a large amount of iron, so much that you can taste it. Imagine how it behaves under magnetic fields. Our cells are growing according to an electromagnetic gradient to control shape and differentiate. If they don’t, we call it cancer.
Our evolution has never encounter until 75 years ago such an amount of Electromagnetic pollution. This is not affecting just us, humans, but the entire life on the planet. Earth’s magnetic field and ionosphere protect all life on this planet from unwanted radiation from sun and outer space. Missing the right kind of electromagnetic fields is main reason why Mars doesn’t have life although it has water. Under this shield Earth has its own resonance. The Schumann resonance is what helped water to structure, shaping life. This is the real primordial soup that Drs. Becker, Ling and Pollack discovered and not the fermentation as it was once believed. We are here because of the harmony of light, water and electromagnetic fields. Being the third generation submerged in this environment and we can already see effects, like osteoporosis on people in their thirties. Tests conducted and approved for communications, broadcasting and power distribution are made to meet the technology capabilities to produce a business and not to protect life on earth. What we can do in this situation is to be finally smarter than our cell phones and handle wireless technology carefully.
If you don’t feel well on daily basis, you are young and have issues with bone density look around. You might be surrounded with antennas or high voltage power lines. Our body is affected especially at night when at rest is rebuilding and repairing cell structure.

First steps to protect yourself and your family:
– sleeping with the cell phone at your head or under the pillow affects brain function and thyroid;

– use speakerphone or tube headsets when calling. All manufacturers are advising for the phone to be an inch away from the ear;

– remove any AC adapters or chargers next to your bed. Recharge your devices in another room;

– your Wi-Fi router should not be installed in the bedroom. If there is no other solution, turn it off at night;

– do not stand in front or close to the microwave oven when in use. These are having the highest magnetic fields in the household;

– do not stand next to the washing machine or drier when used;

– do not place UPS units under your desk at your feet;

– think twice and research the need to install a smart meter