This article is not about aspartame. Peter,  a new friend of mine, was waiting anxiously for me at the table as he needed to go and pack for his travel.  I can say I was a bit late and he was half way through his glass of coke. With a smile he’s asking me if I was fine. I can say I was happy that he wasn’t mad. I asked for some water and he automatically replies ” You know, now I drink diet coke just from time to time,  randomly…  Is it better?” I had to tell him the truth to realize that he has the choice and the information is the answer for his question. I have asked him to try also a glass of the regular one and compare them. The answer starts from there. Suddenly he lifts from the chair and runs to the bar. A minute later he returns with the trophy.  A nice glass of fuzzy regular ice cold coke. He puts it next to the other glass and looks at me.

How your brain is going to understand these beverages is closely liked to your health. The informational input is a sensitive matter. It shapes the hormonal response. I have asked him to take a sip from each glass and tell me what is the difference.  They are both sweet but they are are so off from each other.  The sweetness on the regular is on the tip of the tongue and the diet is on the sides.

Tongue tastes

We have a sweet drink that tickle the wrong taste buds (sour) and we feel it’s sweet.  This is quite a translation disturbance.  How is our body suppose to react to such effect. Sugars are triggering certain pathways right from the mouth based on taste getting the digestive system to absorb it, transport it and enter. We talk here about enzymes, hormones in the wonderful process of metabolism. Have a quick pick on it.

Above is what we are prepared and know how to deal with it.  It is automated by nature and it works as it has been tested for millions of years.  Should we be afraid of this:

Carbohydrates path

Or this:

Aspartame - metabolism

It is very interesting how the decrease of sugar consumption increased obesity.

Obesity graph to sugar consumption

It is not the diet coke who did this. In the hunt for the scape goat we can’t see the forest from the woods. The paradox in the graph above is the sum of man made emulation of the nature. This blog is all about finding a way to tackle with the artificial environment we have created for us. You choose what coke you like. There are far worse emulations in our environment and knowing them brings us closer to our biology. Enough emulation for me I’m going out to see the sunset.