Month: March 2018

Sunglasses – A burial of the senses

Wearing sunglasses is like putting a cover over your garden. Your vegetables turn into dust and your brain turns into a vegetable. Summer or not people around me are dependent on their cool looking sunglasses. Unfortunately is not a fashion statement anymore, but a necessity. Why are so much popular lately? It’s because most of the day is spent indoors under dim and artificial light and type of light changes the way the eye behaves. The ocular muscles become stiffer squeezing the eye ball. This is the main reason for the slight myopia that we find in young people....

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How To Get Cold Proof

“To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold” – Aristotle I see everywhere during winter commercials for cold medicine and the usual advice to dress up well and avoid the outdoors. The daily temperature difference of the springtime puts a toll on our health. One would wonder how we made it through over 2 and a half million winters. We were cold adapted. This is one of the missing links to great health. Cold is deeply linked to our genetics and we even have a reflex for it. It’s called mammalian...

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Light Water Miracle – DDW

DDW is deuterium depleted water. Is this the new way of fighting metabolic and chronic disease? Parts of our drinking water has a combination of hydrogen and oxygen isotopes that are changing the molecular mass of the water. The normal hydrogen (called protium isotope) has only one proton (positive charge) in the nucleus. Deuterium, his twin brother has one extra particle, a neutron. The neutron is not having an electrical charge but it adds mass. This heavy weight brother changes complete the game when it enters our metabolic pathways. Heavier or lighter, these isotopes all have important roles in...

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