DDW is deuterium depleted water. Is this the new way of fighting metabolic and chronic disease? Parts of our drinking water has a combination of hydrogen and oxygen isotopes that are changing the molecular mass of the water.

The normal hydrogen (called protium isotope) has only one proton (positive charge) in the nucleus. Deuterium, his twin brother has one extra particle, a neutron. The neutron is not having an electrical charge but it adds mass. This heavy weight brother changes complete the game when it enters our metabolic pathways.


Heavier or lighter, these isotopes all have important roles in keeping certain functions in check. Plants use D2O (heavy water) to control the growth of the seeds. So the fruit has the highest concentration of deuterium. Does this mean the fruit is not good for us? It’s a good question to ask. Yes, if it reaching the other side on the mitochondrial pathways. We cam breath and function due to this wonderful organ of our cells called mitochondria. This organelle has it on DNA (mtDNA) set apart from the human one and drives our metabolism. It works at a very small level (quantic) and imagine it’s a like a battery or more like a reactor. Once turned off it never comes back and we as scientists would like to know how to restart it to breath life back into the cell. We don’t know how so we better keep it running. If heavy water escapes on the other side of the mitochondria it will slow down the metabolism. At the exit from it a hydrogen motor keeps the electrons (negative) coming from the nutritional pathways engaged to form the ATP (energy currency).

If this part of the energy transfer is slow because this motor is heavier with deuterium that took hydrogen’s place. We really need the lightest material possible over there. The DDW is used in difficult cases as a bio hack to avoid the escalation of disease. Many say that we have the same heavy and light water mix for a tens of thousands of years and there is no reason to change separate it. I would love to agree but I can’t. The environment we live is completely different. Unless you live in the country side without cell signal and have a frugal life you need to do some health oriented tricks to stay away from trouble. I guess that is why you read this blog because, we don’t want to turn off that WiFi and give up pizza.

To deplete some of the heavy water is to freeze and melt water (ice cubes).  It is not very efficient but every little step we make it helps. The water that melts first is the light water.

Freezing point:

  • H2O (Light water) –  32 °F (0.0 °C)
  • D2O (Heavy water) – 38.88 °F (3.82 °C)

The end point is to have the mitochondria fixed also through other means like fasting, consuming foods that are in season, lifting exercise and going to stress management like mediation. If you do some of the above and adding DDW can only help. It is good monitor your well-being and have periodical medical tests to see the state of your inflammation (HS-CRP). Your doctor should be a part of your journey even if is not accepting some of this new science. Having the possibility to work against metabolic issues from more perspectives is key to our survival.

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