Wearing sunglasses is like putting a cover over your garden. Your vegetables turn into dust and your brain turns into a vegetable.
Summer or not people around me are dependent on their cool looking sunglasses. Unfortunately is not a fashion statement anymore, but a necessity. Why are so much popular lately? It’s because most of the day is spent indoors under dim and artificial light and type of light changes the way the eye behaves. The ocular muscles become stiffer squeezing the eye ball. This is the main reason for the slight myopia that we find in young people. Glasses and contacts prescribed ever so quickly by your ophthalmologist are blocking parts of the natural light that is in “charge” with retinal cell regeneration. Ophthalmology is looking only at vision quantity and comfort and has disregarded studies affecting other systems like retinal regeneration, dopamine or melatonin response. Lately blue blocking lenses are available but some doctors don’t know why they should recommend it. Even more, under transition lenses the eye is decoupled from environmental signals. This action is directly disconnecting the brain from assessing correctly the light intensity compared to thermal energy. The skin is directly expose to the light and will signal a different environment to the brain because has similar opsins in like the retina. Hence the confusion, a signaling mismatch that is creating trouble in the system. We are an organism that has all the processes orchestrated to a fine detail. We are not yet genetically adapted to wear glasses and clothing. We are doing it to accommodate our social ways. There is always a work around to our issues but are not always bulletproof. Awareness for proper sunlight exposure should be a part of the education. The sunlight embraced by so many generations has become in the last 50 years the boogie man of our summer days. Experiments conducted poorly in the 70’s are the legacy of a system that is teaching us how bad is the sun.
The workarounds are easy and also important. Here are a few things to begin with:
Sunlight in the morning – adjusts the hormonal system by switching to the day time hormones. A 10-15 minus watching the sky towards east will make this reset happen. There is a strong link between coffee consumption and circadian cycle adjustments. With this on your morning schedule the coffee will be less important and in a short time will be on your table just for the taste.
If you are sensitive to bright light adjust your vision temporarily only with grey tinted glasses. After a while there is no need to use them. Color tins in sun glasses are affecting the brain in different ways that have not been studied by the manufacturer. Solar light spectrum distortion creates unwanted changes in the circadian cycle.

Orange color tinted glasses are recommended in the evening to avoid blue light exposure.
Wear smaller size glasses possibly without frames outdoors to let the natural sneak to our eye surface. We need the top end of the light like purple and UV for retinal cell regeneration and dopamine creation. This will help also avoiding depression.
Dermatologists and ophthalmologists are going at lengths to convince us to cover every inch of our body from sunlight, maintaining the population startled with dark statistics and pictures of disease. Stating that there is no connection between the skin and brain in regards to light is a bad joke. First and foremost we are a living organism with live communication at many levels from cellular to molecular down to photonics. Putting their foot down and saying “we need more studies” is the usual cover up and is affecting people interests.
Noting compares with naked eye exposure in natural light. Time perception is slowing down and life looks better without the drama of the little things we hate.

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