What is a Quantum computer? How is it different and why are so many people excited about it?

For now it’s inside the coolest fridge people can build. It mostly empty space other than a few atoms that stay there suspended in a frozen hell. The magic comes when we “jiggle” them in certain ways so they spin in one direction and then the other. Now you are asking “Where is the smart thing’s coming from? How is this going to make Siri, Alexa or Google smarter? How will it make robots human, like everybody says? When they will take over the world?” All are pertinent questions and I will answer a couple.



The smart…


It comes from the interaction. More like us people when interact the outcome is unpredictable. So when we socialize there are endless possibilities that things can go right or wrong. Just like that. Imagine if all the possibilities are happening at the same time when you have a discussion. But that’s crazy…right?! This is exactly what this computer is doing. It’s all over the place and somebody needs to decide. That’s when artificial intelligence programs kick in. They steamer through the crazy and picks up what we need and understand. So yes, the world coming to an end is one of them, if we give this computer a chance to simulate our evolution. The smart comes the anticipation of our next move from billions and billions more possibilities then Google can today. That’s why they are working on it. This capability is scary because it getting very close to what Mother Nature did, the Human brain. But close is not enough. It will never be when we talk about the survival of the fittest. And we are. It might be smart and fast in thinking, but is our child to educate.


The robots…

For this application the robots will need to be connected to it more like a mouse to your computer. I mean a wired mouse. No wireless technology available with the speed needed. Although the intelligence will seem local it will run in the cloud. Who can say humans are not functioning the same way…and wirelessly, but this is a story for another time.

Taking over the world…


The robots taking over the world …aaaa… I’ll leave it playing to our fears and the “real news” filled with fiction.


The reality of this computing system is for us to take the next step in our development. It will give AI a human capability at one point in time. And it might be the smartest human ever created. Not necessarily the brightest. Remember all the bad things happening to our human kind and the planet don’t come from the smart humans.


Dictators, abusers are people educated to follow one direction, a view or a path gained though their personal experience. The possibility for AI to choose this path is unlikely to be even considered.

At this time “known” Quantum computers can surpass all the supercomputers running our internet services and apps. A status of thier constant development can be found here.