Becoming motivated is easier said than done. Many people are listening to some great motivational speakers and they feel thrilled by the newest approach on this matter. They follow the idea for a while, maybe a few days but as the dust is settling in, the old ways are showing their teeth like a pack of wolves. I have tried many ways to get motivated and wishing for a “magic pill of motivation” hidden somewhere to appear. I do believe now that the path to motivation is involving a few first steps. The initial step has to start with focus on the daily routine. Making the trivial items of the day so important that once accomplished a positive turnout is shown in the mood overall. This alone is lifting the fog of frustration and the feeling of peace coming from the state of accomplishment gives more room for the brain to use the dopamine centers. We can call this “an organization of things” and it removes the noise from your daily image on our life. Now we need more dopamine aka “the happy juice” for the next step.


Once this is reached, I call it “Stability”.  We all want a strong personality with the will power to start from the top when things go bad. Dopamine offers the speed and stability once is in the right amount. It does lack in most of us since we have started our technological journey. Dopamine is created by the quantum effect of the light interaction with our body. There are plenty of chemicals to enhance it with the side effect of addiction. Nicotine is the most prevalent chemical used to raise dopamine in the brain. The funny thing is that nicotine exposed to UV light is creating niacin (vitamin B3), which controls an enzyme (NAD+) that controls the metabolic speed. We just need some natural light interaction in the morning and during the day. Get a break outside no matter how short it is. Open a widow and let the unobstructed light come in. The glass used for our windows is made of silicon sand that blocks UV, unless you are already rich and care to use expensive quartz glass on it. Once your biorhythm is adjusted and dopamine is coming back to a normal your sleep improves as a sign that you are on the right path.

For the third and last step you need to control the light in the evening. Naturally we should have none.

We can turn off everything and go to sleep once the sun is set but we can manage it and hope our grand grand kids will adapt with more light in the evening. This is simple and most technology companies implemented already. Your blue filter needs to be on. If the screen on your device is not “orangy” it doesn’t help you. It’s more efficient then the filters on the cigarettes. Blue light destroys the melatonin along with the dopamine. This explains why many of us are doing the “right” thing eating healthier, exercising and going outdoors to easily undo all the good thinks with poor environmental signaling. The quantum signaling takes priority all the time.

dopamine-blue light

So let’s recap:

  1. Give importance to your daily routine and organize it
  2. Use natural light to stimulate the dopamine with the gift that nature gave us
  3. Control the blue light in the evening. Blue filters on displays, orange tinted glasses if you have no control over the source. I believe it will be the new fashion for the ones that care to safely use technology for themselves and their children.
  4. Now it’s time to go back to your motivational speakers. Some of them are amazing like Bob Proctor, Anders Hansen and James Arthur Ray.

These steps are important to create the environment that sustains motivation on the long term. They feed the patience to absorb new ideas that lead you closer to your goals. And how can you be victorious if you’re not happy?