My name is Constantine Prisecariu and I’m an independent researcher. I have been looking in the last 10 years for an answer on why food and exercise is not enough to keep us healthy. There are factors in our social environment that are clashing with our biology. We have more control over our lifestyle then our biology and understanding this interaction is what will make a real difference. Most of all, if we understand the outcome of our actions, we can adapt and avoid weight gain and eventually chronic disease. Thinking sharp through out the entire day or waking up full of energy is not so common anymore.  For the ones that are having issues with weight, sleep or you just want to regain your energy, you are going to find information here that will help you explore ideas. These articles are not medical advice, instead, offer an opportunity to understand how your body reacts to different social and biological factors. Your choices are what makes you succesful. Let’s connect the dots togheter.