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The First Step For A Perfect Diet

I like to see myself as a composed and balanced person. Aren’t we all? Certainly with a dash of fun so life is not boring. “Balanced” is a word of many issues when is attached to our biology. We have seen how “paleo” guru Bob Harper could not get away from his hard attack. Was that an imbalance caused by the action to became balanced? A balanced diet means more than food balance. The nutritionists are only looking on balancing the macro nutrients (Fats vs. protein vs. carbs). It is a dangerously narrow view on rather complicated nutritional set...

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The Hunger Games

Lately I have been finding ways how hunger controls us by external factors. I realized after intermittent fasting that I have acquired control over my sense of hunger. I found out how much weight food cues have in my life. I can say now after three months of different fasting techniques that I am able to sit at a table with friends and not have hunger triggered by food itself. It is weird to have control of this switch. Looking at the history of our social culture, I can pin point that this control started around the beginning of...

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