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 Seasonal Life – When food availability goes against our health

How did we moved away from a seasonal life. Why are seasons so important? Why does a large part of the population has diabetes? As our brain has evolved and we found ways to save food. At the beging it was similar like a squirrel stacking acorn or a dog hiding his bone.  We went beyond this and created agriculture and food conservation techniques.  After this step we have begining to trade the crops and food products. We can see that at this point we are already far away from the animal kindom and connected to an enviroment different than the one we...

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I’m going to start tomorrow

Why do you think tomorrow you can succeed? Why did it not work last time?   When we decide we are going to start tomorrow we do it with today’s mindset. However, today’s perception is the hope that drives our feelings in making a change.   Today, when we decide to reboot our lifestyle, we are on a high wave of serotonin. Serotonin is the feel good chemical in your brain. What creates this wave are the foods that make quick energy production. Carbs are using the shortest pathway in our metabolism. They provide cheap and poor energy and it is the only pathway...

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