Does coffee dehydrates you?

After the latest research the answer is no. It doesnt dehydrate. Asking around a opinion on this matter, people strongly believe that coffee dehydrates. The traditional idea that coffee is a diuretic sicks around. The feeling of urination after soon after we have a cup determines all of us to believe that coffee is a necessary evil. It gives energy with the loss of water. This is  a personal experience that is difficult to chalenge. But what if I told you that the water that’s coming out is “bulk water”, unusable by the cells and your cup of coffee...

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Do we really know everything about water?

One would think we should know by now everything about water. Water has been always a surprise for the scientists. It’s behavior always left behind more questions than answers. The usual trend  in research shows no surprise but not everybody is following the same path. Many chose to study the water molecule and leaving it’s effects as a whole  unexplained.  Water study has been placed in shadows from public attention after the “Poly-water” scandal from the ’70s. Not many scientists came out until recent years explaining water phenomena. Who did got ridiculed and the results of their research was...

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