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Sunglasses – A burial of the senses

Wearing sunglasses is like putting a cover over your garden. Your vegetables turn into dust and your brain turns into a vegetable. Summer or not people around me are dependent on their cool looking sunglasses. Unfortunately is not a fashion statement anymore, but a necessity. Why are so much popular lately? It’s because most of the day is spent indoors under dim and artificial light and type of light changes the way the eye behaves. The ocular muscles become stiffer squeezing the eye ball. This is the main reason for the slight myopia that we find in young people....

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Living Under Artificial Light

How do we really tell time? Artificial light health effects. Understanding the implications of living indoors and the differences in light. A few ideas to bend our social ways to favor our health. Our watch on the wrist is telling us the time but unfortunately is not able to convey this information to our body. We have found this trick to tell the time precisely and we are convinced it’s enough. I was sure for a while that being focused on different tasks will make the day fly. Convinced that time is linked only by perception of our social...

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