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Light Water Miracle – DDW

DDW is deuterium depleted water. Is this the new way of fighting metabolic and chronic disease? Parts of our drinking water has a combination of hydrogen and oxygen isotopes that are changing the molecular mass of the water. The normal hydrogen (called protium isotope) has only one proton (positive charge) in the nucleus. Deuterium, his twin brother has one extra particle, a neutron. The neutron is not having an electrical charge but it adds mass. This heavy weight brother changes complete the game when it enters our metabolic pathways. Heavier or lighter, these isotopes all have important roles in...

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The Shape of Water

Not long ago I was under the impression that we know everything there is to know about water. It seems the water has always been a surprise for the scientists. Many gave up not understanding the water behavior as a whole. As we are mostly made of water one would think that placing a high importance on expensive studies would be the way to find answers for health. The studies on “bodies of water” are just a handful; with results that shake our concept on how water works. These studies open a new realm on how we see water...

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Addicted To The Morning Coffee

I love to start my morning with a cup of coffee together with millions of us. There is something about that deep, bitter flavor that makes everything else sweeter in the morning. I like my coffee long, like I never want this moment of bliss to end. Some see it as a vice, other are worried if the health benefits are true. The consistent consumption hasn’t been studied on a long term clinical trial. Many things we take for granted aren’t and coffee is not at the top for this kind of research. One main question remains. Does coffee...

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